Welcome to Mongolia

Mongolia is an unique destination of having mixed culture of modern life style and nomad life style. I can assure you that you can’t name any other country that has kept the traditional nomad life style, and untouched steppes. Mongolia is a land of blue sky, and fast horses that are marked in national symbol of the country. You can ride them anywhere in Mongolia without hassle, and feel the joy of its true pleasure. 
We are delighted to invite you to experience the one of a life time adventure of riding a fast horses under the blue sky with untouched steppes~



Why Choose Us?

We offer reasonable prices and high quality trip in Mongolia.

Professional Team

We have been giving our customers an authentic Mongolia experience not just something staged for tourist. We are a strong team consists of experienced members only, who work in wild nature, giving the best adventures to hundreds of people.

Top Quality Equipment

All of our tours lead you to the most remote and wild lands with less culture therefore we will need best quality gears and equipment for the adventure. We use French and Korean tents and equipment for every trip.

Totally Reliable and Safe Travel

It is our first priority to care for your safe trip and we do it professionally. All you have to do is to listen to your guide team carefully about important safety advice. We will provide you relevant information on safety before and during the trip.

Varied Food

We are ready to provide our tourists delicious Asian, European and traditional Mongolian dishes. If you have any special requirements on your food, please let us know so that we can inform the restaurants and chefs beforehand to meet your needs.

Simple and Secure Payment

We have set the way of payment easier, safer with high protection for our costumers. Payment is made exclusively by credit card on our website, via the secured payment system. You are always welcome to contact us about it for more information.

Flexible Travel Designs

We guarantee you’ll get every expectation you have about your exciting trip! You’ll experience amazing moments you can never expect unless you see it yourself. We can proudly tell you that the secret to every perfect trip is our skilled guides.