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There must be whole different ways for the nomadic food culture right? Simple yet great methods you are about to discover mainly using meat and milk which is the products of the livestock. Plus, they grow their own veggies and make their own handmade noodles for their daily food. Basically, big amount of meat is used for Mongolian dishes. And we are sure that you’ll love Mongolian tea (milk tea). But this is just a small display out of the variety of Mongolian food.

Boodog is the whole carcass of a goat or marmot roasted from the inside – the entrails and bones are taken out through the throat, the carcass is filled is filled with burning hot stones and the neck tied tightly, and thus the goat is cooked from the inside to the outside.

Khorkhog is popular in the Mongolia countryside. This meal consists of chopped up goat, potatoes and onions slowly steamed inside a metal container. Scalding hot rocks are placed inside the container to create the steam and once extracted it is customary to pass the stones from hand to hand.

Buuz is the national food; a steamed dumpling filled with mutton. These are eaten in great quantities during the Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) festival. You can find buuz in restaurants throughout Ulaanbaatar.

Khuushuur is another popular food. This deep fried mutton pancake is particularly popular during the summer Naadam festivities.